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This presentation is free and
open to the public.

Dr. Cozolino will speak on topics covered in his new book, The Social Neuroscience of Education, and reveal groundbreaking research on what motivates children to learn.

Presentation followed by book signing and panel discussion with Daniel Franklin, PhD, and
Peter Murphy, PhD.


Presentation and book signing held at:
Campbell Hall School, Theater
4533 Laurel Canyon Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 91607

Louis Cozolino, PhD, is a professor of psychology at Pepperdine University and a private practitioner. He is the author of The Healthy Aging Brain, The Neuroscience of Human Relationships, The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy, and The Making of a Therapist.



What leading experts are saying about
The Social Neuroscience of Education:

“This book is a must-read.”
-John Arden, PhD

“An excellently written and pioneering work...
A most needed resource.”

-Edward O. Wilson, PhD

“Ingenious... Cozolino has the brain of a teacher, the heart of a therapist, and the writing talents of a master storyteller.”
-Andrew N. Meltzoff, PhD

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